This song... This one is a bit out there, and probably as convoluted as I can get. There are lines in this one which are amongst some of the best I believe I have written, and some....well you'll see. This is somewhat explained by the song's background mind... In the summer of 2013, I was out with an American girl, living in London. Still shackled to the reigns of finance along the Southampton harbour, and just starting study work for the summer (aka the "fun" bit). Whilst my life was very much career focused at this point, I was still a guitarist, and still, sort of, a songwriter, albeit I hadn't yet mustered the guts and gumption to perform in front of people. I had it in my head that I wa

Hijack the Summer

“There’s just one thing that’s clear to me, no-one dies with dignity, we just try to avoid the elephant somehow” Jason Isbell-Elephant. Story time. Late October 2015. Halloween haze in the air. Those fucking amazing cinder toffee cakes in the stores (I stocked up on maybe what 10 packs of these…) After a whirlwind of bitter feelings and jealousy, I put the nail in the coffin of a 2 year relationship, and the reason I was in Hitchin in the first place. Neither of us could afford to move out of Lyon Court, so we co-habitated and stewed in the same flat for an extended period of 6 months after the death knell was sounded. That’s just the background though. There are other songs on this!! The un

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