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A marker in the sand

It's been a fair while since I've posted anything right? For those who read through the previous posts, congratulations! They were heavy on the flouncy language and thin on the filling. So let's make this one a bit easier to read eh ;)!

I'm writing this for a couple of reasons, first off, it keeps long arduous prose heavy posts off my socials, but also because now seems like a good time to take an assessment of what's coming in the future, and putting a marker down here and now.

I mean, I write enough songs about looking back, looking forward, looking inward or just generally fucking looking at something!

The biggest and most exciting thing in the near future is the release of Quicksilver on the 27th April. I mean, first off...check out this artwork that Zoe, my EP artist did for it....

Trying to articulate my lyrics into image format from my haphazard briefing ("it's about escape.....and sort of running away maybe?") is something I don't wish upon most, but good Lord she managed it!

Additionally, its a rock song. I'm not casting down the acoustic, but rock music is the music I want to make in the long term, and what I ultimately grew up on.

You know those guys that support a shit football team, and lament getting hooked at a young age, it's pretty much the same thing with music right!(Hidden in Plain View and Hawthorne Heights anyone?).

It's also pretty awesome to have the guys at Domino PR behind me on this I should add. I mean, this in itself looks swanky AF

One thing I did get asked recently in a PR meeting was the classic "..where do you want to get to" to which I fucking boilerplated and just said "I want to make my own music and travel it for a living"

I mean London's clubs, pubs, bars and live music hubs are buzzing with thousands of people chasing superstar status as I write this. It's so easy to be so fucking cynical about this, so I'll hold myself back, but needless to say, it's a blood red ocean full of sharks, a world of age brackets and guestlists.

I guess my initial desire to be honest is just to not come across like Kirk Van Outen ("..can I borrow a feeeelling!") or David Brent!

Seriously, that fucking David Brent on the Road film came out right around the time I started playing in London, where I would have to walk up Oxford Street in my suit, carrying the guitar...I've never grown a goatee beard since I tell ya...

Rabbit holing a bit further into it, I have this want to create something..lasting I guess...

I'm summarising like fuck to put this in a sentence, but I myself am aware that I'm not the most...conventionally stable human being. This is mitigated by having a really REALLY safe and stable occupation. The lead character from "Fitter Happier" by Radiohead mayhaps, but kept at arms length from chaos.

What I am proposing to do is basically take away the safety net! Playing with fire, but with the idea that I could make something that will last, but watch myself combust at the same time, but that that might actually be almost worth it, I dunno.....

Anyway, I'm in a huge danger of rambling, so I'll finish the post on the best thing I've learnt in the...2 and a half years or so since I played Angel by Matt Nathanson in front of The George in Hitchin on a Thursday night.

The "how" is way more fucking important that the "why".

Seriously, there's been so many times where I've beaten myself up about things like X person getting a gig at Y venue when I sent an email and got nothing. The net result? I feel like shit, and they still have a gig at Y venue! Turns out they did an open mic there, got to know the manager and then got an early slot at a feature night. Also...seriously the time I found out about the bollocks that is the marriage of pre-orders and the iTunes singer songwriter chart and how it works...that's the biggest HOW to WHY shakedown you could imagine...

Anyway, if you made it this far, genuine thanks for reading, and getting a perception of my metaphorical line in the metaphorical sand. I'll be putting anything wordy into this blog, so stay tuned for more garble etc etc etc.


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